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‘Charity’ alone is not a lasting solution to enable change for the millions of children living in India today, who have little or no access to food or education and are exploited daily. A right approach ensures that entitlements are available to all children without any discrimination. Pankh works for children living in villages, orphanages, street shelters and school dropouts as they have a severe deficiency of role models to look up to.

Pankh Foundation is a registered society under the Society Registration Act of 1860, regulated by U.P. Government.Our program will be providing a set of children with volunteers who would provide them with mentoring and support in subjects such as Maths, Science and English following the school curriculum of the children. Empowering children to make informed decisions by providing a support system that enables career awareness, skill building and self awareness through experience-based learning.


The volunteers will be provided with mentors, training session and a few technology tools to help them give their maximum to their class. We believe that the best interest of the child needs to be put at the centre of all programs affecting their lives. Networks of professionals, students, residents or like-minded people who believe every child has the right to enjoy their basic rights forms network of change at Pankh Foundation. Their activities range from teaching, mentoring, creating awareness on child rights issues, fund raising, organizing events and recruitment of volunteers etc to tackle the issues affecting children and their communities.

Pankh works towards ensuring children live, learn, play, express themselves...bringing about lasting change in their lives and connecting like minded people who believe the same.

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We are committed to our vision for a happy, healthy and creative childhood for every child. Over the course of the next 10 years, and to continue to make children and their rights a priority, we have reiterated goals that Pankh as an organisation is committed to strive for. These include ensuring children in Pankh-supported projects have access to free and quality education, primary healthcare and are safe from violence, abuse and exploitation. We will also work towards reducing the rate of child malnutrition and make sure children’s voices are recognised in issues that affect them.

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Help us to help those kids who cannot afford even basic education and let them have a better life. read on to know more


Dr. Naela Rushdi

Dr. Sheetal Sharma

Col. Surendra Dutt

Ms Shruti Mitra

Ashish Kashyap

Saba Parveen

Saumya Rastogi

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About Child rights

According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children that India ratified in 1992 - all children are born with fundamental rights.

  • Right to Survival - to life, health, nutrition, name, nationality
  • Right to Development - to education, care, leisure, recreation, cultural activities
  • Right to Protection - from exploitation, abuse, neglect
  • Right to Participation - to expression, information, thought, religion

And a right to achieve these dreams. Even though India's children account for more than one-third of its population, their interests have never been given priority. And their rights have been violated every single day.The statistics are grim. What is worse is that very little is known of what it means to be part of such horrific numbers. The task before us is huge and we believe that for real change to happen, every member of our society should take responsibility to change the lives of these children permanently. While the reality in India may be far from ideal, we at Pankh believe that every child has a right to dream.

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Platform for the Youth

The biggest movements, that shaped history, ranging from civil rights to equality to suffrage, have rose out of tireless youth leaders fighting for what they believed in. Pankh Foundation provides a space for young people to step in, lead and make a difference in their own communities. By providing on-ground exposure, actively initiating dialogue and establishing a culture of entrepreneurship, Pankh transforms youth into a potent social force that can strategically impact children at risk in their community.

Program Expertise

A panel of experts who conduct extensive need analysis and research on the needs of institutionalized children. Based on results, appropriate programmes are identified and tested in a structured manner. If successful, these programmes are standardized and made available to community leaders, who take up programmes based on the community's need. Programme expertise involves training modules, year-round support, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation for effective implementation.

Process Expertise

To make multiple programmes work within the community, there is a need of a strong systems in place to ensure the quality of delivery of product. Pankh provide comprehensive training on recruitment, fund-raising, awareness campaigns, managing financials, motivation and engagement. An internal program is available for all of young leaders and volunteers so that they can learn, reflect on existing processes and add on to it overtime, thereby boosting the community-powered process generation.

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When I first went to class, both the kids and I were nervous, but now, we are good friends. When classes stop, during holidays, I feel something is missing. The weekends are not exciting anymore.

Hina Sharma

Not only did I explore myself but also contributed towards the education of hundreds of children. Whenever I, along with the team, went out to do an event there was at-least one child whose wish got fulfilled

Dave Mani Tripathi

I have done everything from inventing outrageously exciting events to planning them down to the last detail, to setting timelines, to motivating my fellow volunteers .Last year, I was just a follower. Today, I am a leader, leading a cause that I have believed in all my life

Preeti Sinha

This Project is creating tremendous impact on these children. It gave confidence to my girls to shake hands with even with total strangers. They raise their hands to answer now, as opposed to earlier when they were shy

Raveesh Rai Sharma

Every time I plan an event, it come straight from the heart. And when you hear a child speak a complete sentence in English to you, it beats any salary slip or incentive

Shihka Singh

Our children live in such restricted environment and yet, they are so excited to learn new things and meet new people. This amazes me the most!!

Vivek Gaur

Frequently asked questions

It most certainly does. A small amount goes a long way. It is these seemingly small contributions that collectively add up to a large amount needed to effect change. There are people all over who are concerned about the situation of children and who want to do something to change it. However, their own commitments and pressures do not allow them to go out and directly work with children. Pankh provides them the opportunity to help in whatever way they can. They can contribute their money, materials, time, or skills. When everybody comes together and pitches in, no task is impossible. This COLLECTIVE ACTION has an impact and brings about change. Every individual’s contribution is important. This is the fundamental principle on which Pankh functions.
Unfortunately, Pankh is not a short-term engagement. Teachers are expected to commit for the duration of six month. Why? Because the children we teach have been abandoned several times in their lives. And we can't have teachers walk in and out, every other weekend. A constant and steady relationship is needed to cultivate that bond with them. At Pankh teachers don't just teach, they also serve as role models for these children. I hope you're able to understand the reasoning behind this request.Do register on our website as and when you have settled down. We'd love to have you around!
As a pair, mentor and mentee work through a curriculum designed and structured by the team. Mentors work on improving mentees’ language skills, developing mentees’ life skills, and helping them pursue their academic and career goals. As a non – parental adult, mentors are not perceived as authority figures, thereby creating a positive environment for youth to be themselves and grow into strong adults.
You can conduct activities for children, organize events, involve in recruitment, fund-raising and awareness campaign. Volunteer as much as you like. Or as little. It’s totally up to you.
Register on this website. As and when we have our next recruitment drive, we'll be sure to inform you, either through email or by phone!